A working model
of organization and administration

HELINICK has implemented a model of organization and administration of processes, thus creating a framework where the professionalism, competencies and efficiency can logically combine into 3 steps: solution identification, execution and maintenance services.

The careful design and planning of the processes

The projects’ execution and implementation are coordinated by Project Management Department.

In tight connection with the other departments (Sales, Technical, Design, Quality, Sales, Purchases and Logistics), the projects are carried out successfully, in compliance with the contractual terms, costs and quality.

For the efficiency of processes carried out we use devoted software applications – Oracle Primavera Project Management, by which the projects carried out by our professional people are planned even from the biding phase, they are monitored and controlled during the entire execution period.


The process planning is performed in detail with the aid of a software license acknowledged as a standard for project management and organization: Oracle Primavera Project Management.

Planning refers to allocation of material resources, human resources and accurate time projection of the development of stages required for the delivery “in time of the solution” to the client.

The determinant phases are design, project endorsement and possible revisions, installation (site deployment, cabling, equipment installation, check-up), commissioning, staff training, “as built” project phase, work take over and post-sale transfer to Service & Maintenance department.

Direct access to takeover and training stages

Client may, upon request, have access to information required for the work performance, directly on the www.helinick.ro web-site, based on individual password.

The phase development is achieved under the strict coordination of a „project responsible/ project manager”, and depending of the status of the realization phase, other technician teams may be involved in the primary phases, as well as engineers from the technical department for commissioning, training and takeover stages.

The final takeover process is to be achieved in the presence of a person in charge from the Service & Maintenance Department. Quality assurance department and persons in charge of labor protection are also involved in execution.

Control over processes and documentation delivery

During the progress of the contract, together with the contract responsibles and project manager, the Controlling department is also involved.

The Controlling department helps the identification and achievement of financial objectives by following the contract evolution through the system and offering assistance in each decisional step by control, coordination and consultancy. The Controlling department is also responsible for presenting the results.

The complete solutions allow anticipating and rapid adopting of possible changes, leading in this way to developing and improvement of the business.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

We have invested in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation, an integrated resource managing solution which efficiently treats the processes that are specific to our activity domain.

Using the complex functionalities of an ERP with our field of activity particularities, these solutions offer an added value, agility in maximizing the opportunities and simplicity in innovation.

The Microsoft Dynamics Nav implementation adapted to our business, by realizing a solid bond between the Company’s departments, from the offers sent to clients and effective sales, to project execution by the Project Management Department.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics Nav, the process management system is transforming the company’s resources in a real collaboration environment, increasing in this way the global efficiency of the business processes.

HELINICK Logistic Center

The Microsoft Dynamics Nav application is used for managing the equipment and material stocks necessary to cover the repairs and preventive operations.

HELINICK Logistic Center and warehouse is a location dedicated to this type of activity. It is situated in Otopeni City, with access road to the city beltway and covering 1.500 sqm, it is equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out each operation. From the Logistic Center, equipment and materials are daily transported through fast delivery services, necessary for the execution of the regular service and maintenance operations.