A working model
of organization and administration

HELINICK has implemented a model of organization and administration of processes, thus creating a framework where the professionalism, competencies and efficiency can logically combine into 3 steps: solution identification, execution and maintenance services.

HELINICK: Expertise and Customization – Identifying the Optimal Security Solution for Your Needs

HELINICK focuses on identifying the best security and safety solutions tailored to each client’s needs. With a structured approach, our team conducts detailed risk analyses, designs, and integrates solutions and offers consultancy throughout the entire process.

If you’re looking for a personalized security solution and want to benefit from our expertise in identifying the most suitable solution, fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

    Risk analysis

    HELINICK analyzes and identifies the potential security and safety risks concerning a company’s activities and provides personalized solutions according to the client’s needs, which minimize the operational costs.

    Risk analysis has a major impact on cost calculation, and implicitly in the offer – bidding activity. Risks can be in most occasions mitigated by a well balanced re-designing of the selected solution, the work teams and materials flow. HELINICK team in charge of risk management is skilled and always finds a middle path between excessive technicality and intuition-based action.

    This is the phase where the HELINICK specialists assess the risks and generate together with the client the security solution, and thereafter the solution offer is actually achieved, on phases or by planning consistent with the client’s investment policy. There are cases where the client has a “global security concept”, and in these cases we assess whether HELINICK’s and our suppliers’ competencies are technically compatible with the client’s “global security concept”.

    Design and integration

    HELINICK is ready to provide long term services and solutions, tailored to the client’s needs.

    The IT sector is very dynamic so electronic security solutions need to keep up with recent developments in the field. Our solutions can be adapted from the standpoint of size, scalability is an advantage in the IT domain.

    We think in terms of present and future capacity for extensions to have the capacity of an update in real time. The successful completion of this phase leads to the development of a technical and commercial proposal which is subject to discussions, negotiations and in the end materializes into a commercial contract.

    Selling the solution

    In the execution of the projects, we establish an interconnection between the sales department, the technical department and the project management for delivery of works in normal parameters.

    Regardless of the phase in which the project is situated (technical project, execution details, as – built), the design department offers consultancy, so that the works be carried out according to initial project’s data.

    For the execution of quality projects, we are fitted with hi – tech devices (computers, plotters, specific programs for assisted design) and with a specialized personnel with an experience of at least 5 years into the field, certified by the competent authorities.

    We provide additional contract-based services to follow through the project’s completion with certifications and approvals from authorities and organizations that regulate certain areas of the market.