Sibiu Airport, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies

The construction and infrastructure industry in Romania is currently witnessing a significant milestone, marked by the successful completion of the Sibiu International Airport Extension and Modernization (AIS) project. Helinick, along with trustworthy partners, played a vital role in transforming the airport into a modern and functional hub.

State-of-the-art surveillance technology at Sibiu International Airport

The aim of the project undertaken by AIS through European funding was to completely modernize Sibiu Airport, with one of the key aspects being the improvement of the video monitoring and perimeter protection system. Helinick, with the help of their electronic safety and security experts, designed and implemented an integrated system for video surveillance and perimeter protection to enhance intrusion detection in the airport’s perimeter. The evaluation of alarms and video monitoring of important areas within the airport will be integrated at the software level by implementing a PSIM software, which will centralize information from all installed systems and equipment.

A comprehensive video surveillance system, consisting of over 240 cameras, was installed around the protected perimeter. Helinick, the company responsible for the installation, utilized a combination of sophisticated technologies to ensure optimal results. This included high-resolution fixed and mobile video cameras for the platform and taxiways, as well as bispectral cameras in the visible and thermal spectrum, indoor dome cameras, and mobile speed-dome infrared (IR) cameras. IP outdoor cameras with resolutions ranging from 2MP to 46MP were installed to replace the previous ones. Thermal cameras were also placed along the perimeter to ensure continuous monitoring during night conditions or extreme weather situations such as dense fog or heavy snowfall.

The perimeter video monitoring system has been installed to detect unauthorized intrusion such as people, animals, and cars. It will also monitor aircraft during take-off, landing, and movement to taxiways. The system will complete the video surveillance of the airport perimeter on the west side. To ensure individual monitoring of aircraft parking spaces, surveillance cameras have been installed towards the passenger embarkation/disembarkation platform on the terminal building, including areas on the south side of the platform. The management of these surveillance cameras is carried out in both the main dispatch center of the airport and in local dispatchers located in various important points of the airport. In order to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the image storage equipment, they have been placed in a separate technical room, away from the dispatchers where the images are viewed.



Unique thermal surveillance system, for the first time in Romania at Sibiu International Airport

The project features an innovative thermal imaging system that is unique to Romania. The system uses a Spynel X panoramic IR camera which has the capacity for automatic intrusion detection, tracking, and classification. It can be used to detect an unlimited number of threats, regardless of their nature, whether they are on land, air, or sea. The thermal surveillance cameras offer top-notch image quality with a spatial resolution of up to 120 MPx and a frame rate of up to 2 Hz. Thanks to its 360° panoramic scanning, this system is capable of delivering superior performance for your thermal surveillance needs.

The thermal imaging system is specifically designed to cover large areas with a range of up to 2.5 km for human subjects and 4.5 km for identifying and classifying vehicles. As it works based on temperature, it remains unaffected by weather conditions or the degree of illumination. This means it can operate optimally in all weather conditions, such as fog, rain, snow, etc. The Spynel X system can monitor both the perimeter and the approach and take-off slope of aircraft, making it an ideal surveillance system.

Safety and security improvements

One of the responsibilities assigned to us was to enhance the physical safety of the area. To achieve this, Helinick suggested replacing the existing metal mesh perimeter fence. We replaced it with reinforced mesh panels that were installed along a 10 km stretch, and secured with NATO wire. This upgrade has significantly improved the safety and security of our perimeter. We have implemented a double physical protection system, which includes a high-performance intrusion detection system based on fibre optics.

In the same project, we have improved the access control measures for both cars and the public. The car access systems have been upgraded with automated gates, equipped with access control systems and IR detection barriers, ensuring complete closure of the perimeter protection system. With the help of advanced access control technologies, we have implemented measures to safeguard areas that are restricted to the public and deployed burglar alarm technologies in critical spaces.

We were able to contribute to the implementation of state-of-the-art security technologies with the help of our partners. As a result, we were able to provide innovative and effective solutions for Sibiu International Airport, which now boasts world-class surveillance systems. We would like to extend our gratitude for your trust and steadfast partnership. We are particularly thrilled to have played a role in transforming AIS into a modern and functional hub, connecting Romania with the rest of the world.