A working model
of organization and administration

HELINICK has implemented a model of organization and administration of processes, thus creating a framework where the professionalism, competencies and efficiency can logically combine into 3 steps: solution identification, execution and maintenance services.

HELINICK: Professionalism and Dedication at Every Stage of Security – Superior Quality and Constant Support

HELINICK commits to providing superior quality services in the field of safety and security systems. With a well-structured organizational and management model, we focus on identifying the right solution, flawless execution, and reliable maintenance services.

With high-performance technology and a dedicated team, we strive to provide support at every stage of our collaboration with our clients.

If you are interested in benefiting from our professional services and ensuring your security systems are in the right hands, fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

    High performance technology and human interaction

    HELINICK’s aim is to be a trustworthy ally in the field of safety and security systems, in all phases of a project, starting with the identification of the solution, the execution and implementation of the solution, including intervention and maintenance services.

    Service & Maintenance Department

    The setup of a highly specialized dedicated division took place in 2003, aiming the creation of a service system applicable to all sales of integrated security solutions. By creating this system, it is ensured that HELINICK offers a support to its customers in each professional relations phase.

    Thanks to its infrastructure created within the Department, we have succeeded to reduce the requests reception feedback and confirmation times to 2 minutes by e-mail and to 5 minutes by phone. Also, depending on the Customers’ needs and mutually agreed provisions within signed Service Contracts, we can ensure observation and repairs actions of 2 to 8 hours, based on defect type and repairs requirements.

    The Departments ensures the country coverage within the main cities through their offices and own area representatives/ managers and/or partners. Presently, we have offices and employed technical teams in Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara, Targu-Mureș, Iași, Galați, Contanța and Craiova.

    Starting with 2002, the Service and Maintenance Department offers an additional range of service and maintenance activities through services like T-Call Center, Remote Service Center, HelpDesk Ticketing and CarFleet Tracking and Monitoring. Thus, we have succeeded to not only reduce the feedback, action and repair time but also we have noticed an increase of the satisfaction level of our Customers.