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HELINICK: Advanced Communication Solutions for Smooth Interaction in Modern Organizations

Effective communication is essential in any organization or institution. HELINICK offers advanced communication solutions, from professional systems for conferences and congresses to intercom systems and “Nurse Call” medical systems.

These solutions are designed to enhance communication and ensure smooth interaction between different parts of an organization.

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    We provide professional systems for conference and congress type applications, with specific functions for event management with a great number of participants.

    Conference and Congress Systems

    We provide professional solutions, provided with hi – tech equipments, for discussion systems, conferences, simultaneous translation and polls, which satisfy even the most exigent requirements, covering the entire configuration range, from international meetings until those meetings held for Council Halls,Conference Centers.

    The conference equipments cover the entire configuration range, from analogue discussion systems to complex configurations achieved by means of digital systems.

    The discussion system offers a modern solution for the achievement of a flexible and performing configuration, adjusted to the requirements imposed for small and medium conference halls, as well as for Council Halls, Town Halls, Prefectures, Conference centres up to 150 participants.

    The operation simplicity, as well as the simplicity of discussion units to the central unit represents a very important advantage into achievement of a permanent or mobile installation.

    The main features are the following:

    The digital conference system is the management solution for conferences with a great number of participants. Being able to fulfil complex debate management functions, the simultaneous translation or controlled access by ID card, the system is characterized by the following:

    The digital system is created to ensure a great configuration flexibility starting with a small and medium level until the highest levels of above 4000 debate units performed by the connection and management of many central A display LCD panel or a large Video Walls hall provide all information which is necessary to the participants within their debates. The application of an advanced technology of acoustic rendering, display and control allows permanent information of the participants during the conference.

    Interphone systems

    We provide audio and video communication systems, hi – tech, addressed to different applications. The interphone and video interphone systems are the simplest way of communicating

    between people on different security levels and they represent an interaction point between the operators and the users within a particular system.

    The latest interphone systems connected to TCP/IP network allow the correlations of calls with access control events and video monitoring.

    “NURSE CALL” type medical systems

    In each hospital or clinic there are specific areas that have a higher risk for the patients’ safety and which require a special protection. The “Nurse Call” systems use modern solutions that allow the integration of emergency alarm systems that protect against fires and access control systems according to necessities. Such a system helps to an efficient process working in clinics and hospitals.

    By such a system the communication between patient, assistant and physician is alleviated, as well as the communication with the personnel inside the hospital, vital information about the patient is collected and sent in real time to the personnel in charge. With the help of Call Nurse system, the phonic pollution is reduced (especially during night-time), the number of personnel is reduced (during the night-time), there is a greater mobility of the personnel, a developed risk management may be achieved by using the monitoring software. The Call Nurse system represents a system by means of which the patient calls the nurse when he/she needs help and it also helps the assistant to know what type of need is necessary: the patient’s normal call; call from the toilet or from the bathroom; calling the nurse from the medical or administrative personnel; emergency call in case of heart attack.

    As the hospitals and clinics became bigger, with greater number of rooms and beds, the nurse call system development was necessary and thus priority facilities appeared with individual call identification, bidirectional communication between the patient and the nurse, paging integration system that allows the personnel to reply the call even if it moves inside the hospital, flexibility in duty distribution, centralized administration of the system, draft of reports regarding the personnel’s activity and to the efficiency of the actions performed, etc.

    Each healthcare has its own specific requirements, either it is about a hospital or a clinic. An integrated communication system always ensures an optimal support due to a flexible technology.