HELINICK is an integrator of electronic security and safety platforms

We provide turn-key top quality solutions and services, tailored to each client’s needs. Understanding the clients and finding the right solutions guarantees our performance and provides security, and when it comes to solutions, professional training, technology and quality services are essential.

HELINICK: Customized Security Solutions for the Optimal Protection of Each Client

At HELINICK, we strive to provide top-tier security and safety solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

With a wide range of services, from security systems to communication solutions and technological infrastructure, we ensure every client receives the best protection.

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    Security through technology

    HELINICK is a company that is focused on choosing the best products and technology for its clients

    We provide security systems

    HELINICK provides security systems for medium and large companies, focused on prevention, detection, alarming and post-event analysis. We work closely with the beneficiaries of these solutions throughout the whole implementation process.

    We offer electronic security solutions

    Whether it is a person, material goods or critical infrastructure, our solutions identify and minimize the risks, then automatically generate the strategies and corrective measures to make safety the prime objective.

    With over 100.000 detectors installed, over 900 fire-extinguishing systems and over 200 suction detection systems, we are the leaders in the businnes and we hold a unique expertise in the field

    We offer communication systems

    Helinick provides its clients with professional systems for conference and congress type applications with specific functions for managing events with a large number of people. We offer the latest in audio and video communication systems, for a large number of applications.

    Intercom and video intercom systems offer the easiest way of communications between people in security spaces of varying levels and they represent the interactions between the users and operators of a system.

    Integrated systems

    We promote the segment of integrated systems, being on of the first Romanian security companies that has implemented this system. With this, we are able to successfully integrate complex platforms which cover all the functions and facilities needed by an integrated security system
    We quickly adapt to the needs of medium and high security systems, utilizing the most advanced technologies from the leaders in the field.

    Complete infrastructure technologies

    For every security system and solution, Helinick provides the complete infrastructure of communication, supply and dispatching of systems. We perform the equipping of custom cameras and of monitoring dispatchers for the optimal management of security systems.