A working model
of organization and administration

HELINICK has implemented a model of organization and administration of processes, thus creating a framework where the professionalism, competencies and efficiency can logically combine into 3 steps: solution identification, execution and maintenance services.

HELINICK: High-Quality Maintenance – Guaranteeing Efficient and Uninterrupted Security

HELINICK emphasizes the importance of maintenance to ensure that security systems are always operating at optimal efficiency.

Our specialized teams offer maintenance services for security and safety systems, from regular checks to urgent interventions and upgrades.

If you’re interested in ensuring your security systems are well-maintained and operate without interruption, fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss the suitable maintenance plan for you.

    T-Call Center, R-Service Center and H3S Cloud

    HELINICK is operating responsive high-performance Call Centers for the management of various service incidents

    The assimilation in the entire company of the concept „Client = Business Partner” our concern to permanently ensure high quality standards of the services offered, tending to be as close to the customer in order to meet his needs, the desire to be better and better, are just some aspects that have led us to implement a powerful service incidents management, of a Call Center type.
    The vitality of normal functioning of the security systems and the safety of our partners we have transposed in the need to answer as quick as possible to the service requests and in the need to solve the eventual defects in the shortest time. We have created in this way two special services, Technical Call Center and Remote Service Center, both with a well-defined objective: the immediate, permanent, unlimited and free access of our partners to the Advanced Technical Support and primary specialty intervention offered by a team of very good engineers, using the “remote service system”.

    Tehnical Call Center

    T-Call Center, the technical assistance service, is the first contact point of the service department where we offer our clients, advanced telephone technical and immediate support.

    T-Call Center is real time technical assistance service for any HELINICK client with a Service and Maintenance contract:

    “Call Helinick” Button Service

    Since 1994, Helinick has introduced a simple service, the “Call Helinick” button, by installing a button with a manual application in certain locations

    The client only needs to push this button and the Helinick operator from the T-Call Center tracks the name and location of the client and in less than a minute calls at the clients location.

    This service can be useful in situations where the client needs immediate instructions to keep an unforeseen situation under control(false alarm, system reset and audio device cancellation, indications from the system operator which the client does not understand, any other situation which has not been covered in the system`s user manual).

    The button and the communication interface will be provided for free by Helinick with the title of a “loan” and is exclusive to clients with a contract period of 12 months or longer with Helinick.

    Remote Service Center

    “R-Service Center” is the first line of offered services to the partners, of “Real time communication” type, that permits the monitoring, diagnosis and even solving of some technical problems that can appear during system’s functioning.

    The main advantage of this service is the cut of the beneficiary’s costs, by solving a lot of problems in a remote way, without being necessary to dispatch a technical team to the beneficiary’s location. But, if the problem needs a team to be dispatched to the location, the specialist that ensures the R-Service Center will collaborate with the service engineer, sending to this one the necessary details obtained after remote diagnosis of the system, the purpose being to solve the problems as quick as possible.

    R- Service Center

    HelpDesk Ticketing

    Clasifies and prioritizes the received signals within the dispatcher office

    Car Fleet Tracking And Monitoring application

    Real-time car fleet monitoring

    GPS Tracking Car Fleet Application of the Service and Maintenance department cars aims to efficiently manage resources and distribution in the territory to optimize the intervention times.

    This application generates such reports as:

    H3S Cloud

    H3S Cloud is a complex service that allows you to contact a full center of virtual data.

    The service is accessible by an easy to use interface and allows the adding of new servers, saving and network infrastructure depending on the needs, in only a few minutes. The main advantages of H3S Cloud, the professional virtual servers service, is the availability, scalability, security and small price. The professionalism our service teams show is based on the experience gathered in the domain of the integrated safety and security systems and also the permanent improvement by specialty trainings, seminars and even on site requalification.

    Preventive Maintenance

    The most important task related to maintenance is the insurance of the system’s availability on the long term.

    Reducing faults or installation degradation probabilities represents the main purpose of our preventive maintenance activity. By tracking in time, by localizing and identifying the parameters beyond standard values and by their correction, we ensure a continuous work of the systems. Thus, it is possible to plan the activities, to prepare the intervention team, to find the necessary equipment and to reduce the recovery period at minimum.

    By means of preventive maintenance programs, we ensure the well – functioning of the systems and the decrease into the number of technical incidents. By a systematic audit we pass through all operations related to inspection, trials, measurements, verification and testing. The synthesis of operations performed and the state of each component maintain the safety and reliability in exploitation, security or during the events. According to the category of the objective, we may ensure preventive maintenance inspections, on a monthly basis, on a quarterly basis, biannually or annually.

    Corrective maintenance

    The corrective activities are the following: localizing, diagnosing and intervention for recovery of the good functioning in right time.

    Unexpected functional default or degradation may cause the accidental cessation of the entire system. It is very important to reduce the non – operational cycles at minimum. For this, we are available for you 24/7 both by means of the telephonic assistance as well as by emergency interventions to your location. Our engineers assess the non – conformity state and start the necessary activities for recovery according to the contractual specifications.

    Intensive Maintenance

    Be integrating administration and operating systems in our maintenance activities we will provide you complete outsorcing of our electronic security systems.

    Increases and updates

    Through our program of increases and updates, we make sure that the security and safety systems correspond with the current standards and security needs. Our solutions scale, so you will never have to replace the system, just add the necessary components.